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thien dust separator vs cyclone in angola

Centrifugal dust separator a conventional cyclone separator needs a fair amount of vertical height to allow the dust to drop down the cone. an alternative form of cyclone is what is known as a 34 a thienbaffle, the air spirals in a flat shape from the edge to the center, whereas in a cyclone it moves in more of a helical pattern down the cone and then back up the middle.

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  • Dust Separator Diytyler

    Dust separator diytyler. after complete the table saw dust collector it was time to move on to a more advanced dust collection system. not really thinking that i am going to be a super wood worker, we didnt really want to spend the money right now for a full blown dust collector so the thought was to try and use the shopvac as the source of vacuum.

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  • Thien Vs The Super Dust Deputy The Shop Wood Talk Online

    For those without a cyclone, what kind of separator do you use with your dust collectors is a shop made thien separator as effective as a super dust deputy, or is the sdd efficient enough to justify the cost i have tried a dust deputy and a homebuilt vortex thingamajig. i run the dust deputy on my cnc machine cutting mdf, which generates.

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  • Super Dust Deputy Xl 6 Inch Dust Collection Cyclone

    For use with single stage dust collectors and 634 piping, this diy cyclone eliminates filter clogging, suction loss, and messy dust bags by removing over 99 of fine dust and debris from the airstream, containing it safely in a customer supplied container. super dust deputy xl distributors buy from buy from woodcraft international.

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  • Thein Separator Vrs Cyclone Questions The Sawdustzone

    I also use a dust deputy on my shop vacumn with great results. when i get my old delta 400 1hp dc set up in the new shop it is very likely to be outside and pulling through a super dust deputy. bill pentz reports on a thien versus a cyclone in his results. he finds the thien good at minimizing chips into the dc but poor at getting fine dust.

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  • Building A Cyclone Vs A Thien Baffle Pros And Cons By

    I know the thien baffle is a very popular and lowcost separator, and i know it works rather well from experience. but, now that i have upgraded to a true dc from a shopvac, im wondering if it may be worth the effort to put together a true cyclone.

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  • Jens Larsen39s Dust Extractor Thienbaffle Modifications

    Jens larsen39s dust extractor thienbaffle modifications. jens larsen writes i recently renovated my shop and have, among other things, improved my dust extractor and shopvac, both of which i have equipped with a thien case you havent heard of this, i recommend you look it up for they can work very well indeed.

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  • Making A Cyclone Chip Separator For A Dust Collector 10

    Making a cyclone chip separator for a dust collector a dust collector should be one of the first major purchases for any woodworking shop. not only do they help keep things clean and tidy, they also protect your lungs from harmful airborne dust. a dust collector is only as good as it39s filter, and.

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  • Pentz Cyclone Vs Thien Separator Canadian Woodworking

    Re pentz cyclone vs. thien separator i kinda liked the the 55 second video will buried in the thien forum link regarding 34vanwoodworker3439s running his cheapo thien39top hat39modified harbour freight dust collector, pouring in sawdust into the inlet and leaving unconnected the output of separator baffle to visually show the apparent 34success34 in dust separation.

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  • Woodworking Talk Woodworkers Forum Cyclone Vs Thien

    The problem is neither of you compared the thien baffle to a cyclone. kenbo built a thien separator for his shop vac and he gets nothing in the shop vac. i would say they are about equal to the dust deputy with very little difference. now between the lid separator and either the cyclone or a thien baffle there is a big difference.

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  • Thien Baffle Question The Sawdustzone

    The tops that you buy like the one shown separate based on particulate entering velocity. this is not the same design criteria as the thien separator is. the thein baffle works off of the same criteria as a cyclone, cyclones have the outlet air stream in the center of the chamber.

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  • Thien Baffle Vs Cyclone Efficiency Comparison

    Thien baffle 439 cfm837 cfm 52 or 48 loss of airflow cyclone 634 cfm837 cfm 76 or 24 loss of airflow so as you can see the oneida super dust deputy is about 50 more efficient than the thien baffle 52 to 76 and only has half of the efficiency loss as the thien baffle.

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  • Adding A Thien Baffle To A Harbor Freight Dc

    Thien cyclone separator lid discussion adding a thien baffle to a harbor freight dc for the price i paid, i39ve been very pleased with my harbor freight dust collector. from the getgo i added a 0.5 micron pleated filter and a neutral vane to improve the performance.

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  • Thien Dust Separator Vs Cyclone Cti

    Thien dust separator vs cyclone. kenbo built a thien separator for his shop vac and he gets nothing in the shop vac. but now that i have upgraded to a true dc from a shop vac im wondering if it may be worth the effort to put together a true cyclone. now between the lid separator and either the cyclone or a thien baffle there is a big difference.

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  • Thien Baffle For Dust Collector 21 Steps With Pictures

    This is a thien baffle quickly created with a 5 gallon bucket. did you use this instructable in your classroom add a teacher note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. the dust collector before attaching the baffle. cut a section out of a 5 gallon bucket. use the bucket section to draw circles on a piece of wood.

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  • Building A Diy Dust Separator Thien Cyclone Did It Myself

    This is where a dust separator comes in. the idea is to have a chamber that is inline between your tool and the dust extraction youre using. the chamber is intentionally shaped to circulate the incoming dust in a cyclone, allowing the heavy sawdust and other chunks to fall into a bucket. this is similar to how bagless vacuum cleaners work.

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  • 170 Cyclone Separator Shootout The Wood Whisperer

    Update clear vue now has an updated version of their mini cv06 that performs much better than the one shown in this out the review here why a cyclone separator. a cyclone separator is essentially a bucket with a fancy lid. when connected to a vacuum source, the lid creates a cyclonic suction that collects large dust particles minimally, and the small dust particles at best.

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